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Maestro Blu

Vending machine with a minimalist and attractive design, complete with customixer to offer a full range of barista style drinks from Lavazza.

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Lavazza Expert range, for real coffee lovers

Lavazza’s Expert range brings to OCS and Vending a superior selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to produce a high quality coffee and coffee specialities.

Indeed, the organoleptic properties of the selected coffees remain intact right until they are dispensed, even after prolonged periods in the vending machines.

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Technical Specifications


Width: 650mm

Height: 1830mm

Depth: 760mm




230 V , 2500 W, 50 Hz

Water Supply

Min 80 Kpa (0.8 Bar) - Max 1000Kpa (10 Bar)

Machine Capacity

Whole Bean Capacity: 14.5g

Leaf Tea Capacity: Uses 40% less tea to make the drink, saving costs on ingredients


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KLIX Eco Cup


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